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In Indiana, State Senate Affirms Teaching Evidence For and Against Evolution

Changing Lives, Building Community -- Apply through April 4 for the Summer Seminar on Intelligent Design!

Associated Press Article Showcases Misleading Claims Against South Dakota's Academic Freedom Bill

South Dakota Science Education Controversy Gets Surreal as Anti-Censorship Group Demands Censorship

Activist Group Spreads Falsehoods About South Dakota Science Education Bill

A Look Inside the Media Sausage Factory: Alternative Facts from ProPublica

Fake News: Washington Post's Valerie Strauss "Reports" on South Dakota Academic Freedom Bill

Happy Darwin Day! German Natural History Museum Is Our 2017 Censor of the Year

With Darwin Day Approaching, It's Time for a Look Back at Evolution and American History

An Opening for Academic Freedom in Texas, as Representative Swanson Files a Bill

Academic Freedom Legislation: Understanding South Dakota's SB 55

How Big Is Evolution's Closet?

On Martin Luther King Day, Consider This About Intelligent Design

You Already Support Goliath with Your Tax Dollars; Won't You Consider Balancing the Scales?

#5 of Our Top Stories of 2016: Real-Time Censorship as PLOS ONE Retracts "Proper Design by Creator" Paper

Evolutionists Defend Scaremongering on Fake News "Petition"

NASA Versus David Coppedge: Most Reprehensible Case of Anti-Intelligent Design Persecution Yet?

Fake News? Evolutionists Fall for Seemingly Phony Anti-Evolution "Petition"

NASA on Trial: Persecution of David Coppedge Was a Preview of Creeping Totalitarianism

NASA on Trial: David Coppedge Fell Victim to Anti-ID Zeal at America's Space Agency

Academic Freedom Day:

On Charles Darwin's birthday (February 12), students everywhere can speak out against censorship and stand up for free speech by defending the right to debate the evidence for and against evolution. Let's make "Darwin Day"

Academic Freedom Day!