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1. Sign Up

One of the easiest and most important things you can do to support those challenging Darwinian evolution is to sign the Academic Freedom Petition. This is also a helpful way to show legislators that there is support in your state for academic freedom initiatives such as the Louisiana Science Education Act enacted in 2008.

2. Suit Up

A simple way to make a statement is to wear it on a t-shirt. On Academic Freedom Day students can band together and all wear their academic freedom shirts to school. The t-shirts will feature the quote: “A fair result can be obtained only by fully balancing the facts and argument on both sides of the each question.” They are thought provoking and will help to encourage civil discourse about academic freedom on evolution.

3. Show Up

Bring Ben Stein to your campus by scheduling a screening of the provocative documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Student groups can obtain a license to show Expelled featuring Stein or the original academic freedom documentary Icons of Evolution featuring biologist Jonathan Wells (based on the bestselling book of the same name). Each film highlights the fight to maintain academic freedom in academia and the sciences for those who speak out against Darwinian evolution. This is a high-profile type of event that will raise the issue and help foster discussion on your campus about the issue. Screening a movie will attract a larger audience and give you the opportunity to spread the academic freedom message farther across your campus.

4. Start Up

We are teaming up with the IDEA Center (Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness) to help students in starting an IDEA chapter on their campus. Such campus clubs are a fun and educational way for students to examine all sides of the debate over evolution. Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness (IDEA) Clubs are student-initiated clubs that foster academic freedom as students learn about scientific evidence that supports intelligent design and also learn about modern evolutionary theory. IDEA Clubs are a growing network of student-led clubs on university and high school campuses around the United States with thirty new chapters formed to date.

The ideas here are just some of the things that students can do. There are lots of other things, other ideas and options for supporting academic freedom on evolution. If you’re interested in hosting an academic freedom event, or have ides of other ways to celebrate Academic Freedom Day e-mail us at

Academic Freedom Day:

On Charles Darwin's birthday (February 12), students everywhere can speak out against censorship and stand up for free speech by defending the right to debate the evidence for and against evolution. Let's make "Darwin Day"

Academic Freedom Day!